February 2019 Inventors Association of New England Newsletter

Attached is the February 2019 newsletter as well as an announcement for the next speaker series:

IANE Feb 2019 Newsletter

Our member speakers, Al Contarino and George Peters of KettlePizza https://www.kettlepizza.com, will share their experiences of product development and commercialization.

KettlePizza founder, Al Contarino, is an inventor with a passion for grilling. That passion, however, was often frustrated whenever a grill lid was opened or removed and all the stored heat lost, stalling the cooking process. So, in 2005, he started developing a new type of gas grill that maintained the heat despite an open lid. Countless hours and a substantial amount of money went into the patented design in hope of licensing to a major grill manufacturer. Five years later, after Al became completely frustrated with the challenges of the licensing process, he decided to focus his efforts on developing a product that he could design, manufacture and market completely on his own. He called his friend and fellow inventor, George Peters, to check out the design. They had some friends over for a pizza party. Everyone loved the pizza and the concept. They knew they had a winner. KettlePizza has grown and now is shipping products around the world. They have expanded the product line into pizza accessories as well as products for the gas grill market.

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