IANE November 11, 2019 Presentation – Elliot Laffer, Mentor Volunteer at SCORE

elliot laffer

Our November speaker, Elliott Laffer, is a mentor volunteer at the Greater Boston SCORE Chapter, https://boston.score.org. He counsels current and aspiring entrepreneurs, both for profit and non-profit, to help them make better decisions around their business plans and concerns.

Elliott grew up in Bayonne, NJ and received a BSME from Rensselaer

Polytechnic Institute. He spent 30 years in sales and sales management of engineered mechanical equipment, then followed that with over ten years as the first executive director of the Boston Groundwater Trust, a City of Boston affiliated nonprofit. At the same time, he has over 40 years as an officer or director of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, the largest such organization in Boston. He has had leadership roles on the civic review of major projects including Copley Place and the reconstruction of the Prudential Center, and planned projects in the works. Elliott is nearing his fifth year as a SCORE counselor.

The Greater Boston Chapter of SCORE has over 50 mentor volunteers, both retired and working, who have significant experience in the ownership, operation, and management of both small and large businesses in many fields. They offer free counseling and mentoring to those who wish to start or build existing businesses in the Greater Boston area. Counseling can occur at their main office in Boston, at many locations in the greater Boston area or at a mutually convenient time and place. 

They conduct free and low cost workshops on a variety of topics that range from the business basics of marketing, finance and management to social media marketing and other timely topics.

More information about Elliot can be found on his Linkedin page here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliott-laffer-0a703013/

Elliot Laffer, Monday November 11, 2019 at 7 pm at MIT Room 4-231

Next Inventor Clinic November 13, 2019 in Lexington.  Contact Bob for details.

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