About Us

The Invent New England (INE) is a group of inventors whose common interest is supporting each other on their journey to product commercialization.

The INE is an all-volunteer group founded on July 28, 1977. It is comprised of beginners as well as successful inventors who share not only their experience with success, but also the pitfalls that may occur when determining if an idea is viable. Our common interest is in supporting each other on the journey to product commercialization.

Often newcomers will have an idea and ask “What do I do now?” Answers to these questions can be found at the regular monthly meetings with expert speakers who provide guidance in product development, prototyping, marketing, patent protection, entrepreneurship, and related topics. The questions and discussion that follow the speaker’s presentation are an integral part of the meeting.  Although our regular meetings are held at MIT, our members typically invent “low-tech” products – housewares, tools, sports and fitness equipment, toys and games, etc.

Anyone is welcome to attend monthly meetings– regardless of their membership status.  We welcome everyone!

For members who wish to share their idea in confidence for feedback, the INE offers 6 get togethers known as the Inventor Clinics.  New product ideas are presented and critiqued by other member inventors under confidentiality.  Often improvements to the idea are discovered, as well as ideas for manufacturing and marketing.  It is also an opportunity to hear unbiased opinions of an idea to determine if it is truly viable before sinking too much money and time into it.

George Peters
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